The twenty-third stage [le pet will] love photography, my handsome MOE I call the shots

is le Chongqi under the pet club here,
and fun! Come and join the music club! Micro signal: lechonghui00 pet to accompany us for several years,
bring us not only happiness,
more is the indivisible persistent love! We watched him grow up a little bit,
from a toss endless Adorable pet,
gradually become a calm old child.
mind will often see a voice: you haven't seen enough time to stay small adorable appearance,
how big?! Because you pay a different love,
so in exchange for these can not copy the handsome Meng zhao.
Only professional attention! The music pet & fat beans pet photography studio,
and had a pet to bring you more professional shooting experience.
Following are four packages of beautiful price Oh ~! Set one: happy pet will price: 2991,
photographer two t