She takes Cowboys

hange simple jeans shorts,
in fact just a scissors down.
When you see the transformation method so high force,
decided to share out,
master is really comfortable folk.
1 turn over your jeans.
It's a blouse.
2 it can also be changed into a denim skirt.
a little cut,
you can become personalized shorts.
4 as accessories on the body.
5 can also be added as a collar.
you can also make a swing for children.
7 do not want to buy a pillow,
and can also be used as cushion.
8 jeans pocket can be cut to make a storage bag.
9 plus a zipper can also be regarded as a zero wallet,
10 percent can be used as handbags.
11 legs can take up,
raise a fleshy,
add a little green house.
12 weave a beautiful coaster.
13 can also spell a ground mat,
is not useful much? 14 by shelf + storage,
properly a multi-