[it's a drip fast], the real driver, while driving off

g morning you push a [terrorist] 24 years old female teachers take the car drops robbed postmortem! Before boarding the car,
she also took the license plate to her husband.
The news (click to read) has aroused widespread concern.
these days,
as well as Haikou users in the use of didi travel by express,
even the driver while driving masturbation! / in May 1st,
a netizen in Haikou said in a micro-blog newspaper that the driver was masturbating while driving on a drip trip.
the user uploaded video of the driver's indecent move to the network and announced the driver's phone number and license plate,
calling for girls to pay attention to safety.
The driver was on the spot masturbation (video source: Hainan radio and television night line) reporter on the eve