[hotel one yuan per second] heard that go out to play good mood, with 1 Yuan Hotel more match!

how much do you charge for the hotel? Grass: 599 Oh! Floret: ah! That's expensive.
I only ordered one yuan.
Small grass: friendship boat,
turn over.
Massive hotel one yuan spike,
as long as one yuan Oh.
Now Xiaobian tell you where you can order a Yuan Hotel,
mengchuo below,
you can book! Lock 12 update,
all 1 yuan down down down the poke poke Guilin Yangshuo unlimited unlimited Inn (Hotel Inn Yuanshan mountain) is located in Yangshuo County of Xiangshui Bridge No.
the transportation is convenient,
the door has free parking,
affordable new complete renovation of the resort hotel has 19 rooms,
the hotel patron,
the scenery pleasant,
mountain view window a piece of fresh green; every morning with birds'twitter and fragrance of flowers,
the sound of birds wake up.
Qingdao The Inn