[depth] please know Ding Junhui objectively. He should have received more respect

he final and missed the trophy,
but Ding Junhui from countless circles legend,
countless predecessors,
peer predicted,
he would become the world champion and a big step closer,
but in fact,
it seems that many fans have for him is not an objective evaluation.
Ding Junhui appeared as a prodigy in everyone's vision,
but then he experienced more than one downturn,
such as before the world championships.
Although Ding Junhui in the pool table all-powerful,
but he does not like the general child to move forward with primary school middle school university track,
as professional athletes go - the national team sports mode.
Many of these experiences have challenged him.
Some people say that Ding Junhui's strength or not,
but also to the big competition,
such as world championships.
This statem