[weather] 291 degrees today, innovation, strong convective rain

sun is shining and the temperature is rising steadily.
the highest temperature in the central city is 29.
1 degrees,
reaching a new high this year! County,
the highest,
reaching 29.
8 degrees.
Tomorrow I will cry to get the sun ushered in the Rain God,
overcast to cloudy with showers or thunderstorms,
rainfall in some areas up to heavy rain,
accompanied by heavy rainfall short (maximum rainfall intensity 25 ~ 35 mm) and 7 ~ 9 thunderstorms,
temperatures fell slightly,
Precipitation has a certain impact on the commuting peak,
reminding everyone to pay attention to traffic safety! The precipitation will continue until next Monday,
we remember the rain gear ready oh.
The next few days the weather on Friday May 6th: May 7th showers negative,
20-26 Saturday