The glass can still be used. I'll never throw it again

be a lot of glass bottles in the house.
All kinds of glass bottles are best used for storage.
But there are too many bottles,
so try these methods! [let the glass jar hang in the air] let the bottle hang on the bottom of the cabinet or the shelf! You can put a flower or tools,
make the best use! So,
how exactly do you do that? Have you learned? It can be made into such a decorative wall! [glass lampshade] Yes,
glass bottles can be made into all kinds of lampshades! This is the suspended chandelier,
which teaches you the practice of two small lamps! The small table lamp full of love,
placed in the bedside,
so warm ah! Or,
change the color,
elegant without losing temperament! [sewing kit] how can a glass bottle be made into a sewing kit? Quick look! The bottle contains a variety of small bu