She takes Cowboys

hange simple jeans shorts,
in fact just a scissors down.
When you see the transformation method so high force,
decided to share out,
master is really comfortable folk.
1 turn over your jeans.
It's a blouse.
2 it can also be changed into a denim skirt.
a little cut,
you can become personalized shorts.
4 as accessories on the body.
5 can also be added as a collar.
you can also make a swing for children.
7 do not want to buy a pillow,
and can also be used as cushion.
8 jeans pocket can be cut to make a storage bag.
9 plus a zipper can also be regarded as a zero wallet,
10 percent can be used as handbags.
11 legs can take up,
raise a fleshy,
add a little green house.
12 weave a beautiful coaster.
13 can also spell a ground mat,
is not useful much? 14 by shelf + storage,
properly a multi-

[it's a drip fast], the real driver, while driving off

g morning you push a [terrorist] 24 years old female teachers take the car drops robbed postmortem! Before boarding the car,
she also took the license plate to her husband.
The news (click to read) has aroused widespread concern.
these days,
as well as Haikou users in the use of didi travel by express,
even the driver while driving masturbation! / in May 1st,
a netizen in Haikou said in a micro-blog newspaper that the driver was masturbating while driving on a drip trip.
the user uploaded video of the driver's indecent move to the network and announced the driver's phone number and license plate,
calling for girls to pay attention to safety.
The driver was on the spot masturbation (video source: Hainan radio and television night line) reporter on the eve

The twenty-third stage [le pet will] love photography, my handsome MOE I call the shots

is le Chongqi under the pet club here,
and fun! Come and join the music club! Micro signal: lechonghui00 pet to accompany us for several years,
bring us not only happiness,
more is the indivisible persistent love! We watched him grow up a little bit,
from a toss endless Adorable pet,
gradually become a calm old child.
mind will often see a voice: you haven't seen enough time to stay small adorable appearance,
how big?! Because you pay a different love,
so in exchange for these can not copy the handsome Meng zhao.
Only professional attention! The music pet & fat beans pet photography studio,
and had a pet to bring you more professional shooting experience.
Following are four packages of beautiful price Oh ~! Set one: happy pet will price: 2991,
photographer two t

You made a mistake. CPR is not a rite of passage to declare the patient dead

e life-saving technology of cardiopulmonary resuscitation,
for a long time,
do not get much attention and correct use,
what is more,
in a lot of people (including many medical staff) eyes,
has become a kind of ceremony announced the death of patients.
Why does this good technology create such an illusion? Where's the fault? Wrong time,
and wrong indication.
Cardiopulmonary resuscitation was performed incorrectly,
with a success rate of almost zero.
the wrong time,
I from 2000 to 2010 in the pre hospital emergency work,
that is,
every day an ambulance to the first aid scene,
emergency treatment for patients.
But in these ten years,
I have only saved one person.
Why only one person was saved in ten years? Cardiac arrest may be reduced by 7% to 10% per minute.
In other words,

About memory transplant movies, do you prefer hard science fiction, soft science fiction or dirty science fiction?

mory can be transferred,
this sentence is not listening to a bit familiar? Yes,
this is a golden opportunity to expose age,
in a college entrance examination more than 10 years ago,
a college entrance examination questions the teacher head drawn,
our construction of the motherland,
the proposition a cavity blood into a Hollywood blockbuster titles,
most of the candidates in the face of this if memory can be transplanted topic composition with fashionable words,
words called I own.
This question has directly exposed the reasons why Chinese films are not so good as Hollywood movies.
Now the domestic Gouxue youth film,
drunby horror,
retarded romance writers,
the estimates are seen if the memory can be transferred to this title will not write the candidates.
Give you a good job will not

[hotel one yuan per second] heard that go out to play good mood, with 1 Yuan Hotel more match!

how much do you charge for the hotel? Grass: 599 Oh! Floret: ah! That's expensive.
I only ordered one yuan.
Small grass: friendship boat,
turn over.
Massive hotel one yuan spike,
as long as one yuan Oh.
Now Xiaobian tell you where you can order a Yuan Hotel,
mengchuo below,
you can book! Lock 12 update,
all 1 yuan down down down the poke poke Guilin Yangshuo unlimited unlimited Inn (Hotel Inn Yuanshan mountain) is located in Yangshuo County of Xiangshui Bridge No.
the transportation is convenient,
the door has free parking,
affordable new complete renovation of the resort hotel has 19 rooms,
the hotel patron,
the scenery pleasant,
mountain view window a piece of fresh green; every morning with birds'twitter and fragrance of flowers,
the sound of birds wake up.
Qingdao The Inn

The heart is not enough, the snake swallows the elephant, who is the murderer?

y anecdote fourth] eighth runaway horror story set seven sins very greedy for fame,
the murder of Wang Qiang do not agree with us creative partner Hu Juan,
and that this could gradually return to normal life,
but was a letter signed by mail opened the tiger Juan surprise goes outside the window,
strange ghost curtain.
The photos,
let the whole thing into the abyss of terror.
scan two-dimensional code in runaway horror stories of official events,
runaway prize waiting for you to get more details,
click to read the original instantly show

[depth] please know Ding Junhui objectively. He should have received more respect

he final and missed the trophy,
but Ding Junhui from countless circles legend,
countless predecessors,
peer predicted,
he would become the world champion and a big step closer,
but in fact,
it seems that many fans have for him is not an objective evaluation.
Ding Junhui appeared as a prodigy in everyone's vision,
but then he experienced more than one downturn,
such as before the world championships.
Although Ding Junhui in the pool table all-powerful,
but he does not like the general child to move forward with primary school middle school university track,
as professional athletes go - the national team sports mode.
Many of these experiences have challenged him.
Some people say that Ding Junhui's strength or not,
but also to the big competition,
such as world championships.
This statem

[weather] 291 degrees today, innovation, strong convective rain

sun is shining and the temperature is rising steadily.
the highest temperature in the central city is 29.
1 degrees,
reaching a new high this year! County,
the highest,
reaching 29.
8 degrees.
Tomorrow I will cry to get the sun ushered in the Rain God,
overcast to cloudy with showers or thunderstorms,
rainfall in some areas up to heavy rain,
accompanied by heavy rainfall short (maximum rainfall intensity 25 ~ 35 mm) and 7 ~ 9 thunderstorms,
temperatures fell slightly,
Precipitation has a certain impact on the commuting peak,
reminding everyone to pay attention to traffic safety! The precipitation will continue until next Monday,
we remember the rain gear ready oh.
The next few days the weather on Friday May 6th: May 7th showers negative,
20-26 Saturday

Be brother-in-law peeping, bath sexual harassment for many years, this kind of thing in the end whether to tell the family?

ago love gossip grow in association with platform letter,
she received a small wife for help,
ask me not to expose her brother-in-law a way? So,
put out the story Po,
sisters brainstorming,
ah! The first time a brother-in-law,
if released for anonymous,
the treasure of female,
married! Today,
I'm going to talk about the best man I've ever met,
and still my brother-in-law,
right?! You didn't listen to my sister! Husband! Stranger to his evaluation is simple and honest (TM installed),
and I also think he is my future husband standard! Now think about,
really blind,
for my sister is not worth it! I remember when I was in high school,
and my school was close to my sister's.
That summer,
my sister had a baby,
because my sister no one to take care of,
I went to cook her a few days! Bec

Life is perfect if you have a daughter and a dog

born as a jade daughter,
keep a lovely dog,
watching two children grew up together,
every frame in life,
like Hayao Miyazaki's fairy tale world.
The so-called perfect life,
that's all.

Never throw overnight tea. You'll regret it before

ding this,
please click on the blue print of wisdom education culture and then click on the attention,
so you can continue to receive free articles.
Share every day.
It's a free subscription.
Please feel free to pay attention to it! Many people feel that overnight tea can not drink,
saying a lot,
of which more alarmist argument is that drinking tea at night has cancer,
in fact,
this argument is no scientific basis.
Overnight tea is not suitable,
because the time is too long,
most of the vitamins have been lost.
But not bad overnight tea,
in the medical use of its own.
antioxidant tea,
placed for a long time will become reddish brown,
this is due to tea polyphenols oxidized into reddish brown tea pigment.
Studies have shown that tea polyphenols and tea pigments hav

Why do bosses like tea?

consists of sales and management (ID:Marketing360),
the original public,
author: Li Hao - reprint please take the above information,
as authorized reprint.
workplace perspectives,
case marketing,
work relationships,
I've been to many bosses' offices,
thousands of big companies with employees,
and small companies with just a few people.
Found that no matter what the size of the company,
the boss's office must be placed in a delicate set of tea sets.
Almost all Chinese bosses drink tea in their offices.
But you can see a coffee shop on the street,
a few steps down the street,
or downtown.
Coffee seems to flow far more than tea,
but in essence,
tea is far more profitable than coffee.
Why? Because,
in essence,
coffee represents only a popular drink; tea is given a sense of ritual.

The data in 61 shareholders of the company declined continuously over 10 households continued to concentrate on chips

al report and a quarterly in 2016 was ending,
found the public securities and financial information network reporter statistics,
a total number of 735 stocks for two consecutive quarters of the shareholders to reduce,
61 companies for the two quarter the number of shareholders,
a decline of over 10%,
continuing to enhance the chips.
Statistics show that,
according to the published annual report and quarterly data,
1594 companies at the end of the quarter,
the number of shareholders declined,
accounting for 56.
the 468 companies in the first quarter the number of shareholders fell more than 10%,
among them,
Ding mountain design,
Sanfo outdoor,
science and technology,
Sheng day network,
Long Creek,
Huayuan packing,
Chihsin shares,
hi tech petrochemical,

Would you be willing to pay for your friends?

ee friends,
no words also like mountain,
hard to find a bosom friend.
Friendship is the relationship that deserves your care in the world.
If you meet a bosom friend,
don't miss it.
The difference between friendship and love is that friendship means two people and the world,
while love means that two people are the world.
Marriage is unhappy,
not because of lack of love,
but because of lack of friendship.

Fuck China the richest man is actually he knows 99

ing video,
click to read the original,
download hundred sister APP

Can a wise man see what you see?

he top blue ha ha,
pay attention to see the fun content! Let's have fun together! If you can see each chart,
you may still be far away from dementia.
in this tree,
can you see 10 faces? 2,
can you see a face? 3 can you see the baby? 4,
can you see a pair of lovers kissing? 5,
can you see 3 women? 6,
see the difference between the horse and the frog? 7,
each of the following figures have hidden human body,
you can find it? 1.
if you can see every picture,
congratulations on your good looks!

The glass can still be used. I'll never throw it again

be a lot of glass bottles in the house.
All kinds of glass bottles are best used for storage.
But there are too many bottles,
so try these methods! [let the glass jar hang in the air] let the bottle hang on the bottom of the cabinet or the shelf! You can put a flower or tools,
make the best use! So,
how exactly do you do that? Have you learned? It can be made into such a decorative wall! [glass lampshade] Yes,
glass bottles can be made into all kinds of lampshades! This is the suspended chandelier,
which teaches you the practice of two small lamps! The small table lamp full of love,
placed in the bedside,
so warm ah! Or,
change the color,
elegant without losing temperament! [sewing kit] how can a glass bottle be made into a sewing kit? Quick look! The bottle contains a variety of small bu

Women should dress like this when they are 35

a variety of colors and styles of clothing become adults in most IN street single product,
leisure and yet stylish feel windbreaker and classic double breasted coat split design stylish atmosphere,
functional and very beautiful,
classic lapel,
show are the fashion and capable women,
waist hair unique cutting design,
highlighting the sense of hierarchy in the vision,
elongated proportions,
modified body,
perfect interpretation of fashion in late autumn.
Comfortable fabrics,
feel soft and delicate,
excellent workmanship,
feel the infinite stitch bring comfortable and soft,
all-match heart and change,
highlighting the quality counters.
In the long section of European and American fashion T-shirts printed skirt lace A-line a end printing dress thin retro temperament dress autumn Couture Black